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  • What are the benefits of social respite care?
    Evidence from the National Institutes of Health shows that social interaction can delay cognitive decline and improve sleep. An hour of social activity a week is proven to lower rates of agitated behavior and improve quality of life for those living with memory changes. Social isolation is also a problem for caregivers. A few hours of free time can give them opportunities to connect with others and conduct business.
  • How can I be sure my loved one will be safe at Among Friends?
    Our staff and volunteers receive training before working with participants. Staff and volunteers provide the guidance and attention your loved one needs through all activities and meals. The ratio of staff to participants is excellent, so no participant is ever left alone. Regular communication between staff and caregivers adds to the program’s safety so that activities are adapted to participants’ abilities and their special needs can be met.
  • What makes Among Friends different from other memory care options?
    For those seeking help with their loved ones for the first time, Among Friends is a simple way to begin. Among Friends is not a residential program but a day respite program that focuses on social interaction and cognitive stimulation for participants.
  • How much does Among Friends cost?
    Including a catered lunch and snacks, the cost is $35 a week. If the fee is a problem, let us know. We want you here with us.
  • What if I can’t transport my loved one to Among Friends?
    We care about making sure that everyone who can benefit from our program is able to join in on the fun. If you are not able to transport your loved one, reach out to us.
  • If my loved one participates in Among Friends, does he or she have to arrive right at 9 a.m. and stay until 3 p.m.?
    If you have difficulty getting your loved ones to Among Friends by 9 a.m. or need to pick them up before 3 p.m., we can accommodate you.
  • How are Among Friend's staff trained?
    All professional staff and volunteers at Among Friends receive training that focuses on interaction with individuals facing memory changes. All staff also undergo background checks, and volunteers are vetted by the program coordinator.
  • Is Among Friends a religiously affiliated organization?
    Among Friends is a community-based program not affiliated with any religion, and no family needs to be a member of any church to benefit from Among Friends’ services. Among Friends was created by a dedicated group of community volunteers who saw a need for an affordable day program to serve adults facing memory changes. The program meets in the River Falls First Congregational Church, which generously donates space to support the program.
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