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Among Friends Feeds Dogs and Cats

Among Friends participants and volunteers were busy on Tuesday, October 17th, preparing bags of dog and cat food to be distributed to the River Falls Community Food Pantry.

When budgets are tight, families often supplement their menus at area food pantries. But some family members can get left out, namely dogs and cats. To fill that void this month, Among Friends bagged more than 100 pounds each of dog and cat food to be distributed at our area food pantry.

This service project was a perfect fit for Among Friends Dementia Social Respite Program. Not only did it meet a real need in the community, but it provided stimulation, fun, and a sense of meaning for participants.

Activities that mentally and physically stimulate a loved one with dementia are important in helping them to engage both their minds and bodies. According to Social Work Today, "Individuals with dementia still understand that helping out, being busy, lending a helping hand, giving to other people, being listened to, and feeling that they belong are important indicators of quality of life."

Labeling each bag, measuring out the food, and sealing it up were the tasks at hand. However, the fun came in participants and volunteers sharing stories about their own dogs and cats and working cooperatively. Everyone felt a sense of purpose and pride in being able to contribute to the community and to do some good for families and pets in the River Falls area.

Among Friends is a social respite program that offers a safe and enjoyable environment for those facing memory changes and physical limitations to get out and enjoy the company of others. It also allows caregivers some time to themselves. Contact us at (715) 293-2561 or email us at


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