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Music and Memory

Music lifts the heart, makes us cry, and reminds us of special times in our lives. We also know that music doesn't leave us, even when other memories may fade. At Among Friends, music is an important part of every day we meet.

Researchers and practice show that music has positive effects physically, psychologically, and emotionally on people with memory loss. According to, music can affect people with dementia positively in the following ways:

  • helping them to express their feelings and ideas

  • prompting them to recall events or moments from their lives

  • helping them to share a story from their past associated with a song

  • encouraging them to dance or move with the music

  • engaging in group singing or playing musical instruments

  • reducing stress and anxiety

Music, recent studies have shown, can positively affect people with dementia. Again, from, music can

  • reduce heart rate and blood pressure

  • trigger endorphins (feel-good hormones), which could lessen anxiety, agitation, and depression

  • improve attention, cognition, memory, and communication skills

Come dance and sing with us at Among Friends every Tuesday from 9 am until 3 pm. Contact us at (715) 293-2561,, or use the contact form on this website.


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