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Socialization Is Important for People with Dementia

Having friends and being with others is important for all of us, but for people with dementia, socialization is vital.

Research shows that having social interactions, especially in programs like Among Friends, has positive effects on people facing memory loss:

  • Self-worth: Engaging with friends--and even pets--gives those facing memory changes a sense of self-worth, which also makes them less anxious and greater focus.

  • Less loneliness: Loneliness isn't just being alone; it is also feeling apart from others, left out of conversations, or unable to interact. One-on-one conversations, activities that encourage participation, and feeling a sense of belonging ease that sense of loneliness.

  • Brain health: Socialization encourages brain stimulation. Just as the body needs activity to remain physically fit, the brain needs stimulation, which can lead to greater retention of memory.

  • Happiness: People facing memory loss often feel depressed, helpless, and even angry. Being with others, engaging in activities, chatting, and moving can contribute to providing people with dementia a greater sense of control over their thoughts and actions, all of which lead to a sense of happiness.

If you have a loved one with memory loss, call or email us at Among Friends. We would love to have your family member join us. We meet every Tuesday from 9 am until 3 pm.

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