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Important Online Resource for Dementia Caregivers

Please take a look at this website that may provide caregivers strategies to respond to their loved one experiencing dementia. According to the Washington Post, "help is available from a first-of-its-kind website created by prominent experts in the field. It offers free training in a comprehensive approach to managing neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia — a method known as DICE, based on decades of scientific research as well as extensive clinical practice. DICE stands for Describe, Investigate, Create and Evaluate, the four pillars of the approach."

The website’s goal is to “give people tools to better manage often-distressing situations,” said Helen Kales, chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UC Davis Health in Sacramento and one of DICE’s creators. Users learn that neuropsychiatric symptoms are caused by changes in the brain that increase people’s vulnerability. Nine video modules and two simulations provide comprehensive information and problem-solving techniques. (Washington Post, "When Dementia Becomes Too Much to Handle, This Tool Offers Guidance," 26 May 2024)


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